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“Adam’s...knowledge of organic foods, herbs and infusions has become quite important to us over the years, and we have come to rely on him to keep us healthy and fit. We also call upon his vast experience as a tri-athlete to improve our own fitness regimes and to help heal our injuries. Bottom line: with Adam, we didn’t just hire a chef, but rather a caretaker for our bodies and minds.”

Performance Chef

Does your lifestyle support your nutrition and does your nutrition support your lifestyle?

For anyone pursuing an active life the answer should be, YES! Organic Performance promotes this by feeding athletes what their bodies need - fresh, vital, nutrient-rich foods – which translates to great results. We do so by providing a range of onsite and in-home chef services to individuals, families, teams and organizations.

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Philosophy and Approach

athletesplate Adam recognized, at an early age, the relationship food had to his performance as an athlete, how it affected his daily living and the impact that agriculture could have on the Earth. Adam’s work as a chef grew from countless hours in restaurant kitchens, farms, studying native diets and training for his athletic pursuits where he developed the belief that cooking is not something you do to food—it’s the relationship that you have with the ingredients and how that relationship is transferred back to the land, one’s performance and to those who are eating and sharing the process.

Organic Performance recognizes that food should support the entire lifestyle of an athlete and individual and not just the time spent training and competing.



Therefore our pioneering system :

  • Integrates traditional diets and native cuisines with contemporary sports nutrition into daily food preparations for the global palate.
  • Demonstrates how the use of seasonally based, local and organic foods is the foundation for high performance.
  • Continually reflects and adapts to the dynamic and changing needs of each individual, athlete, team and sport by addressing the rigors and stresses placed upon the body.
  • Recognizes and understands the difference between food and fuel with applications for both.

The Results :

  • Increased Performance
  • Ongoing reduction of injury and illness
  • Greater playing confidence
  • More informed support at home
  • More time for training and recovery
  • Integration of nutrition into life as a whole

The Services :

  • Special events
  • Event preparation (including sports competitions, Emmy and Oscar award ceremonies, etc.)
  • Adapting recommended diet for travel
  • Pregnancy and post-pregnancy
  • Team support
  • Coaching/consulting for staff cooks
  • Kitchen makeover/consulting
  • Special modules designed for specific needs (raw, vegan, etc)


  • Mariska Hargitay: “Adam came very highly recommended, and we soon found out why. His food was fantastic, prepared with incredible care and style. Adam was also very responsive to all of our dietary needs—which were considerable at the time, as we were expecting a baby and cravings changed from day to day. He was also a pleasure to have around. We recommend him without reservation.”
  • “My career in sports medicine has shown me the critical importance of real food. The athletes I treat recover from injury more quickly when they nourish their bodies with care. Adam Kelinson’s book The Athlete’s Plate is an authoritative guide on how to eat well for health and fitness.” Joseph Maroon, MD Neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and author of The Longevity Factor

Listen to Jamie Mitchell talk about The Athlete's Plate and working with Adam

Friday, 25 January 2013 09:25

jmSAN DIEGO, California - Supconnect recently conducted an interview n the "Supconnect Live" webcast in HD with Jamie Mitchell, one of the worlds best prone paddlers of all time, who has also had a profound impact on the Stand Up Paddle world.  He shared insight from his vast experience on several topics that will definitely be of interest to paddlers around the world. 

The beginning of the interview took us on a brief journey into Jamie's younger years.  The now 35 year old recounted that he had asthma as a young child and that his parents put him in swimming lessons when he was as little as 4 years old.  As he grew he became a professional lifeguard, continued swimming and added a lot of surfing to his routine.  Then in 1999 he participated in his first Molokai to Oahu paddleboard race which would lead to a future "Decade of Dominance" in which he won the race 10 years in a row from 2002 to 2012.


In order to accomplish the 10 year Molokai feat and also become a Battle of the Paddle Champion in SUP, Jamie has applied tremendous self discipline.  His fitness routines have been strict and have included a lot of early morning swimming, strength and weight training, surfing, and cross training in and out of the gym.  His diet has also been specific and he as spent the last several years eating more organically and following the advice of Adam Kelinson, author of The Athlete's Plate. For more detail, watch the video above and hear what Jamie has for a typical breakfast, lunch and so on. 

When it came to discussing stand up paddle gear, Jamie spoke for a moment about his JM stand up paddle board by Surftech.  The majority of paddlers do not have the luxury of having a quiver of boards so Jamie has tried to create a board that will do as well as possible in a variety of conditions. 

Finally when it came to technique Jamie broke down stand up paddle into three simple area of focus.  First, he mentioned "The Recovery".  Jamie said, "Without a good recovery, you don't have a good stroke," and explained that the stroke is doomed if the recovery is not solid.  The second area of focus mentioned was the "Twisting of the Hips and Body Rotation.  Jamie said that he typically feels the best about his paddle stroke when he is using a lot of core and twisting.  The third and final area of focus discussed was the "Entry to the Exit".  Having a clean entry and exit have a great deal to do with speed on the water.

To hear the details from Jamie himself on all of these topics please enjoy the video above.  Also, stay tuned and look for more technique and tips from Supconnect Live and all the interviews with the best stand up paddlers from around the world!  Stay "Sup Connected" and spread the stoke!


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